19 July 2012

So Tasty! Vinylmation

The newest food related Vinylmations are so foodie fun! The So Tasty! Vinylmations are deliciously scented and adorable.
So Tasty! Vinylmations
The 3" Vinylmations are available in six different scents: mint chip, popcorn, root beer, grape soda, lemonade and bacon cheeseburger.

Mint Chip
Root Beer
Grape Soda
Bacon Cheeseburger
These are available in the park and online at DisneyStore.com but if you can't find the Vinylmation flavor you are looking for (like mint chocolate chip ice cream) you can always check Amazon.com.

They all smelled pretty good to me! My favorite would have to be either the bacon cheeseburger or mint chip. 

Which one do you think smells the best?

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