21 June 2012

New Gourmet Mickey Collection For The Kitchen

Last month when I visited Disney World I found these new kitchen and dinnerware items. I really like the simplicity of the gourmet Mickey collection!

They are great way to bring a little bit of Disney into your home when you can't visit the parks, especially when you make Disney recipes! These are several of the items offered in this collection.

Dinner Plate
The dinner plate is available for $12.95 and the dessert place for $8.95.

The bowls are available for $7.95.

Measuring Cup Set
At first glace these appear to be bowls but they are actually measuring cups. Available for $19.95.

Ramekin Bowl Set
The ramekin bowl set is $14.95.

Coffee Mug with Lid
These coffee mugs with lids are $12.95. I love the "Cup of Magic" saying on them.

Tea Kettle
The tea kettle, $39.95, is so elegant with the Mickey's subtle in the design.

Casserole Dish
The casserole dish, which everyone can always use, is $22.95.

Salt and Pepper Shakers
I think these make a perfect gift for newlyweds!

Spoon Rest
The spoon rest is $11.95 and especially good for coffee or tea drinks who put sweetener in their beverage. It's such a pain to clean up a sticky counter.

The trivet, $17.95, is a perfect companion for the casserole dish.

Potholder and Oven Mitt Set
The set for $16.95 can be used if you are right or left handed. For lefties it's fantastic because you won't be picking up hot pans with the pretty side.

Kitchen Towel Set
These might be my favorite item of the collection. The kitchen towel set comes with two towels for $16.95.

Do you bring Disney into your kitchen? How so?

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1 comment:

  1. i am in love with that casserole dish! i don't even make casseroles... but if i did.... :)


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