26 May 2012

Review: Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares

I've been a fan of Ghirardelli Chocolate since my first trip to San Francisco about 15 years ago. Not only is this delicious to eat but to bake with as well. It's one of the only chocolates I use because of its high quality.

Disney World fans will know this chocolate well. Located in Downtown Disney across from World of Disney is Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Not only can you enjoy sinfully sweet treats like The Gold Rush (peanut butter hot fudge sundae), The World Famous (hot fudge sundae) and Quake Shake (a chocolate bar infused milkshake) but you can shop for your favorite Ghirardelli chocolate candy.

Assorted Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares
One of my favorite's is the chocolate squares! You can pick these up as well as many times sample one at the Downtown Disney location. During the holidays you'll find limited edition squares like Peppermint Bark.

Milk Chocolate Truffle Squares
Milk Chocolate Truffle Square
This square has creamy milk chocolate with a rich truffle filling. It's very sweet! Probably my least favorite of the squares. However, I do find milk chocolate to be very sweet.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Squares
Dark Chocolate Truffle Square
The Dark Chocolate Truffle square was the one I preferred over the two. It's much less sweet, and is rich and decadent. I found that you can taste the truffle filling more in this one than in the milk chocolate version.

Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares
Milk Chocolate Caramel Square
Caramel, oh a weakness of mine. It's one of my favorite filling! This milk chocolate square is filled with a butter caramel.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Squares
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Square
This has to be my favorite of all of the Ghirardelli Chocolate squares! Rich, intense dark chocolate filled with luscious, buttery caramel that's enhanced by the savory sea salt. Anyone who likes sea salt caramel must try these. I am a little biased when it comes to this. It has two of my favorites - dark chocolate and sea salt caramel, so really I don't think it could have gone wrong. This is this best chocolate I've had with a creamy, soft center of caramel though.

Dark Chocolate White Mint Squares
Dark Chocolate White Mint Square
White mint covered in dark chocolate, now that is a luxurious chocolate. This is the kind of chocolate you hind in your work drawer. It's refreshing, minty goodness!

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Squares
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Square
My favorite fruit and fruit flavor is raspberry. If I see raspberry anything on a menu, I'm ordering it. So, no surprise to me, this was a delicious square. You can even see the raspberry seeds in the jam-like filling.

Except for the truffle squares all of the others were soft, creamy centers. If I had to rank them based on my favorites... Sea Salt Caramel, Raspberry, Mint, Caramel (milk chocolate), Truffle (dark chocolate) and lastly Truffle (milk chocolate). All of these are fantastic! If you haven't tried Ghirardelli Chocolates before, you must!

Which one is your favorite Ghirardelli Chocolate Square?

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