29 May 2012

Fantasmic 20th Anniversary Party

Recently, Disneyland announced their intention of increasing ticket and Annual Pass prices. This decision certainly could not be a shock to anyone who has any prior knowledge of Disney's business practices, or hasn't been living under a rock. However, this year's "annual increase" was definitely a blow to our minds, and our wallets when we saw the enormous jump! In particular, the Premium AP went from $499 to $649...a 30% increase!! Because of this, people are becoming skeptical about purchasing or renewing their Annual Pass, including myself.

Thankfully, Disney seems to recognizes this consumer concern, and as a result will be offering more perks for AP holders. The newest perk is the addition of Extra Magic Mornings. During the summer, AP holders will be able to choose a day that they want to enter the park an hour before it opens to the public, and then register their choice n advance online. Typically, this service is only offered to those who book their vacations through Disney or stay at a resort hotel. Another perk is the extension of the food, merchandise, and tour purchase discounts throughout the resort. Last, but certainly not least, is the best perk of all--more AP parties and previews offered throughout the year. I have attended a couple of these events myself, such as the ElecTRONica Release Party, the Soundsational Parade Party, the Cars Land merchandise preview, and the most recently the Fantasmic 20 Anniversary Party.

Fantasmic! 20th Anniversary
These parties allow AP holders to experience new or revamped attractions all by themselves. Not only do we get to have the park to ourselves for a few hours, we also get special food items not normally offered!Word around the park is that they’re testing these items for the future,and who better to test them out than us, the people who go to the park the most. However, the "special menu" typically starts at 4pm, which means that even regular day guests can also enjoy these items on event days. Below is an example of the "Special Menu"  from the Fastasmic 20th Anniversary Party

Celebration Menu
To date, a favorite amongst party-goers has been the Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Dog. This all-beef hot dog is covered with Disney’s signature Macaroni and Cheese, topped with a good helping of bacon crumbles, and served with a bag of Disney’s kettle cooked potato chips.

Here is a look at just a few of the amazing offerings at the Fantasmic 20th Anniversary Party

Bengal Bar-B-Que Dessert Skewers
Bengal Bar-B-Que offered 2 dessert skewers. The Chocolate Crispy Skewer which featured  raspberries sandwiched between 3 rice crispy squares with a chocolate drizzle on top. Also offered was the Brownie Berry Skewer which came with 3 fudge brownies and 2 large strawberries in between, also drizzled with chocolate. Really simple, and yet really delicious.

River Belle Terrace Open-faced New York Steak Sandwich
The Open-faced New York Steak Sandwich from River Belle Terrace featured above was AMAZING!!! It was a large piece of Texas toast topped with four pieces of thick, New York Steak (sliced right in front of you by a Disney Chef). It was served with a side of seasoned green bean and carrot medley and mashed potatoes, All of this was then of course smothered with a yummy brown gravy. This was definitely the hit of the entree's offered that night!!

Fantasmic! Devil's Food Cupcake

This Devil's food cupcake was filled with a cherry jam that oozed out as you cut into it, and topped with an orange whipped cream frosting. In addition, it was adorned with an edible Sorcerer Mickey, dark chocolate lighting bolts with silver sprinkles, a purple vanilla wafer dragon, and a hollow white chocolate ball with wrapped in edible gold foil. Everyone had one of these in their hands, so I hope it becomes a keeper for the resort.

The night concluded with our very own Fantasmic performance. The performance opened with a special short video about the initial release of Fantasmic, which included footage from its construction, cast members rehearsals, and from the very first show. 

It was great hanging around other AP holders and sharing Disneyland stories. I cant wait for the next AP party which  will be on June 11th for Cars Land and Buena Vista.

Vincent at AP 20th Anniversary of Fantasmic!
Signing off from the Original Magic Kingdom --
Vincent "Big Bubba B" Alvarez

All photos by "Big Bubba B"

Cooking with Mickey Fans


  1. Any details on how to sign up for AP Carsland/Buena Vista party? I've never gone to an AP party.

    1. Im so sorry Ammerzon. Sign ups for the Cars Land AP party ended May 24. Do you have friends that are AP's that signed up for this event? Its a lottery so if they get chosen each person can bring 5 other AP's.
      Ill still put up the link for you anyway


      A great thing to do to know about these AP parties is to follow @disneyland and @disneyparks on twitter. Or better yet, follow me (shameless Plug) @Big_Bubba_B I post and retweet Disneyland news as it comes in throughout the day, especially contest.

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  3. AP office has no info on Carsland AP party-- only the $50 preview for 4 hours on June 9 -10. Is this the same thing?

    1. Its a fundraiser open to AP's and D23 members. Same format as the AP preview, in blocks, and all proceeds go to CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County). $50 get you a 4 hrs in Cars Land and you choose the time block. $75 gets you a 4hr block at night and a World of Color show. And for a whopping $500 you get 4 hrs at night, priority seating for World of Color and dinner at Carthay Circle Restaurant.


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