10 April 2012

Disney's Alice in Wonderland Tea Merchandise

Fans of Disney's Alice in Wonderland who love tea will love these Disney Parks items. These are some of my favorite finds! Many of these you can purchase online and those you can't are available at World of Disney in Downtown Disney or Mouse Gear in Epcot.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Pot & Cup
Not only do you get a tea pot but it comes with a tea cup & saucer. Tea for one?

Alice in Wonderland Coffee/Tea Cups
I love these cups! One of my favorite scenes in this classic movie is Alice having tea with the Mad Hatter just  as depicted on these porcelain mugs.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup Set
So there is more than just you at your tea party. You can get a set of tea cups and saucers featuring different characters from the film.

Alice in Wonderland To-Go Tea Cup
For the Alice in Wonderland fan on the go. This to-go mug is porcelain so be careful!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Press
A small tea press like this is great to keep on your desk at work. All you need is your favorite loose leaf tea and some hot water and you are good to go.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Variety Pack
This tea variety pack give you an opportunity to try different flavors and not get bored drinking the same tea day after day. Flavors include English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Mad Tea Party Pomegranate, French Vanilla, Chai, Jasmine, Blueberry, Mint, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Mango, Lemon Honey, and Chamomile.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Variety Pack
If twelve flavors of tea is too much variety you can also pick up a box of six flavors.

Wonderland Tea - Topsy Turvy Tea Blend
Topsy Turvy; Everything is upsy-daisy; Topsy Turvy; Everyone is acting crazy... So this tea might not have you acting crazy but it might be just what you need on a crazy day. This "The Official Unbirthday Tea" is a medium strength tea with Premium Blend of Indian Black Teas, Safflower and Calendula Petals, Oil of Bergamot and Orange Flavors.

Wonderland Tea - Mad Tea Party Blend
The Mad Tea Party Blend is another one of "The Official Unbirthday Tea" blends. It has Indian Black Teas, Safflowers, Calendula Petals, Ginger Bits, Apricot Bits, Peach and Apricot Flavors.

Wonderland Tea - Mad Tea Party Blend
This canister of Mad Tea Party Blend loose leaf tea is great. When you are finished with the tea you can refill it with another favorite tea or something completely different. I love reusable containers!

Wonderland Tea - English Breakfast Tea Bags
A favorite of Alice's is the English Breakfast. Maybe not but it should be! This canister holds 25 tea bags.

Alice in Wonderland Honey Spoons
Being that Winnie the Pooh and Alice come from the same country, Pooh recommends that you also pick up some honey spoons to sweeten your tea. I find that honey and German rock sugar at a nice sweetness without tasting sugary.

Alice in Wonderland is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies and I enjoy tea so I think these are fantastic. I've even picked up more than a few of these during my recent visits.

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