02 April 2012

Aulani In-Room Celebrations

Disney's Aulani Resort and Spa offers unique ways to celebrate including floral arrangements, merchandise and my favorite, food and beverages.

Fruits of Hawai'i
Options include

Taste of Hawai'i
Nibble on caramel sea-salt truffles, macadamia nuts, shortbread cookies and chocolate-covered Kona coffee beans.
Price: $45

Chocolate Strawberries
Share these delicious Hawaiian vintage dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries.
Price: $35

Sliced Fruit Plate
Taste a refreshing assortment of seasonal, exotic, locally grown fruit served with rare Hawaiian white honey-yogurt.
Price: $45

Seasonal Fruit
Explore local, seasonal fruits prepared 3 ways: fresh, salty and creamy.
Price: $25

Fruits of Hawai'i
Explore local, seasonal fruits prepared 3 ways: fresh, salty and creamy.
Price: $25

Chocolate Truffle Box
Open up a keepsake box containing Mai' a (banana), Liliko'i (passion fruit) and salted-caramel truffles.
Price: $25

Aulani Chocolate Snapshot
Enjoy an Aulani chocolate frame with Mai'a (banana), Liliko'i (passion fruit) and salted-caramel truffles.
Price: $35

Keiki Treats
Kids will love this bite-sized butter-cream cupcake, chocolate-dipped strawberry and chocolate lollipop. These treats are perfect for children 9 and under.
Price: $15

Artisanal Cheese and Hawaiian Black salt Crackers
Sample a beautiful presentation of expertly selected artisanal cheeses—which may include favorites like goat cheese, Gouda, Tome, Roquefort and St. André. The selection changes based on availability.
Price: $30

Hawai'i H2O
Refresh your body and spirit with purified, locally-sourced water served in 2 refillable 1-liter carafes.
Price: $17

Beer Sampler
Open up a selection of locally-brewed, hand-crafted, seasonally-inspired beers from Kona Brewing Company.
Price: $30

Hawai'i Soda Sampler
Enjoy a refreshing selection of handcrafted Hawaiian sodas—flavors include pineapple, Liliko'i (passion fruit), mango and Kona Red.
Price: $19

Aulani Blend Loose Leaf Tea
Sip a delicate blend of Mamaki tea combined with the essence of ginger, mango and peach.
Price: $12

Uli'i 2-Tier Celebration Cake
You'll love this 2-tier, strawberry mini shortcake with butter-cream icing.
Price: $40
Price: $129 (with 750-ml bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne)

A Toast to Your Celebration Package
Treat yourselves to a chocolate dome with Lilikoʻi (passion fruit) mousse filling and meringue icing, served alongside chocolate-dipped strawberries.
Price: $57 (with 375-ml half-sized bottle of Domaine Chandon sparkling wine)
Price: $121 (with 750-ml bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne)

6-inch Specialty Celebration Cake
Celebrate with a vanilla or chocolate butter-cream cake featuring a tropical sugar flower—serves approximately 6 people.
Price: $27

8-inch Specialty Celebration Cake
Indulge in the rich delights of this vanilla or dark chocolate mousse cake—serves approximately 10 to 12 people.
Price: $50

Mickey-Shaped Celebratin Cake
It's impossible not to smile when you see—or taste—this adorable Mickey Mouse-shaped cake. Available in chocolate or vanilla, the cake serves approximately 10 to 12 people.
Price: $62

10-inch Custom Celebration Cake
The party will really get started when your custom-designed chocolate, vanilla or fruit mousse cake arrives. This cake is available with a variety of different icing options and themes, and it serves approximately 16 people.
Price: $75

You may order prior to your trip by calling (808) 674-6900. 

Note: Food and Beverage orders have a 20% gratuity and $3.00 delivery charge are added to each order.

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