12 October 2011

Guest Review: Les Chef de France

Please welcome Melissa as a guest reviewer to Cooking with Mickey. Melissa is a Disney enthusiast who writes about her experiences at Walt Disney World from the perspective of a wheelchair user. She started her blog, Disney on Wheels, to not only share her love for all things Disney but to give tips and advice to others who visit Walt Disney World with physical limitations. You can also find Melissa on Facebook and Twitter. She's sharing her experience at Le Chefs de France in Epcot's France Pavilion.

Les Chefs de France in located in the heart of the France Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. The exterior of the restaurant is beautiful with windows lining the entire seating area of the restaurant.


You feel as if you are entering a small cafe in Paris when you dine at Chefs de France. While the restaurant is quite large, it is divided well so you still get the feeling of an intimate dining experience. From the beautiful tiled floors, the dark woods, to the view, I love the feeling the restaurant evokes.

One of the best parts of the experience was meeting the Little Chef himself, Remy. He and his interpreter visit each table in the restaurant. Since it was not very busy while we were there, we were able to spend several minutes with him and take lots of photos. It is a unique experience that adds to the restaurant in my opinion.


You can choose from several appetizers that include various soups, salads, escargot, and a cheese plate. The lunch menu also offers sandwiches and quiche that are somewhat lighter in addition to more hearty options such as filet and braised short ribs. Something I really liked about the menu at Chefs de France is that there are two vegetarian entrees, that is not something you find at every Walt Disney World Restaurant.

You also have the option to order from the prix fix menu so you can enjoy three courses. There are no substitutions and it is included with the Disney Dining Plan. We opted against this choice simply because it was just too much food for us.

Food and Drink

I ordered a St. Germain cocktail to start off the meal. This is one of my new favorites. St. Germain is a liquor made in France from the elderflower which gives it a distinct taste. The cocktail was light and refreshing which made it perfect for a hot September day.

For my entree I ordered the gratin de macaroni which is macaroni baked in cream with Gruyere cheese. It was wonderful. The pasta was cooked beautifully and the dish had a slightly tart taste to it. However, it is a very heavy dish and wouldn’t recommend it if you are planning on continuing your journey through the World Showcase.

My husband had the quiche Lorriane, which is a ham and cheese quiche. While he enjoyed the dish it was not the the most flavorful. Given the chance to do it again, he would probably order something else.

We weren’t planning on having dessert but our server talked us into it. He recommended we try the sorbet trio since it was a light dessert and it was such a hot day. I am so glad we decided to order it because it is one of our new favorites. It comes with coconut, mango, and passion fruit sorbet and an assortment of berries. It was light, refreshing, and absolutely delicious.


This was one of our favorite dining experiences on our recent trip and was one that we had not planned on. After canceling another reservation, we decided on a whim to give it a try and I am so happy we did. The restaurant is beautiful and intimate. Its the perfect place for couples to dine but it is also an experience the entire family can enjoy thanks to Remy. The service was impeccable. The Cast Members were extremely helpful and friendly. Le Chefs de France is one of our new favorites and I am looking forward to dining there in the future.

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  1. What a wonderful review! I'll have to add it to my list of places to try (not this next trip, though - we're all booked up!

  2. The photo of the dessert is making me crave ice cream and I rarely eat it! Thanks so much Melissa for contributing the review.

  3. That looks great! I have been hesitant to try this in the past, but it looks wonderful!

  4. awesome!! I would need to look at the full menu before going here... since I don't like cheese and I'm not an adventurous eater, I'm not sure there would be a lot for me here!! I'm a meat and 3 kind of gal! ;)

  5. Thanks Melissa for a great review. We had an ADR here on my last trip and had to cancel. Now I wish we'd kept it. Your cocktail sounds delicious too. That's going on my must try list!

  6. We keep saying we are going to try out Les Chef, but just have not yet. It definitely looks like a place we would enjoy. Love the photo of Remy!

  7. Always a winner! Love your crystal clear photos- especially of Remi :D We have always tried to eat at Chefs during Illuminations; loved letting the kids run out to see the fireworks while we sipped our cocktails. Thanks for bringing me back Melissa!

  8. Your husband was spot on.... Tried it once and only once never too return food was bland at best .... Try La Hacienda at the new Mexican Pavillion worth the money and the wait


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