09 September 2011

Disney Dream Job

My Disney dream job will come as no surprise. As anyone who has read my blog knows that I not only love Disney and dining but cooking as well. Even though I have nearly 100 cookbooks, they are more a resource tool than something I follow. I delight in creating my own dishes and experimenting with new ingredients. So on to the dream job.

One of my favorite Disney movies is Ratatouille and it's by far my favorite Pixar film. Ratatouille delivers a great message, or should I say messages. In a nutshell, it's about having passion, determination, and belief in yourself that you can do anything. In the words of Gusteau, "Anyone can cook!". Not just cook but anyone can do anything they want.

So what does the movie Ratatouille have to do with my dream job? Well, Disney is known for it's theming. You have Tony's Town Square inspired by Lady and The Tramp, Cinderella's Royal Table inspired by what else... Cinderella and Chef Mickey's inspired by no other than the big cheese himself Mickey Mouse. I'd love to open my own themed restaurant, Ratatouille inspired of course.

This restaurant would be located at one of the deluxe resorts and feature fine French cuisine. The dining room would have warm rich colors, white linen table cloth, crystal chandeliers, fine china and fresh flowers. The staff would be exceptional with incredible menu knowledge to provide you with an outstanding dining experience, and since this would be a signature dining experience they'll be dressed in tuxes. The menu would change seasonal as to only use the finest, freshest ingredients available. You're experience would be fine dining serving 5 courses with wine pairings to match each course.

Since the restaurant would be a variation on Gusteau's from the film I'd name it La Ratatouille by Remy. If you remember the last scene of the movie is of Remy's restaurant, La Ratatouille.

Exactly what would I be doing at this restaurant? Besides being the owner, I'd also be the Executive Chef creating the seasonal menus. So as you can see it is no surprise as to what my dream job would be.

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  1. Awesome dream job! You'd be perfect at it!

  2. Great idea for a restaurant. Anytime I see the words "5 courses with wine pairing," I'm gonna be a fan:)

  3. that's awesome! I'd come visit your restaurant!! :)

  4. Saw this one coming a mile away! :)

    You'd be amazing Kristen, and I'd be one of your first customers, guaranteed! :)

  5. Tricia, you can most certainly come be my pastry chef. I just don't have the patience to bake. I didn't inherit my mom's love or talent for baking.

    What's funny about this is that for 17 years I've wanted to own my own restaurant. I've been dreaming up menus and designs since then. Now if only I could find a financial backer. :)

  6. That sounds like the perfect job for you. I love your restaurant idea, I would visit every trip. :)

  7. You know I would be there! Sounds just like something Disney needs!

  8. This is a wonderful idea! Don't forget that if you dream it you can make it happen. I certainly would eat at your restaurant. :0)

  9. Love it! What a grand idea! I will be totally surprised if the folks at WDW don't steal the idea out from under you. Hopefully you will get the head chef job though. :-)

  10. Would you have a rat on top of your chef hat when you cooked?


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