15 September 2011

Disney Princess Birthday Party Idea from Cakes.com

More birthday party ideas from Cakes.com. This time, the most popular Disney birthday party idea, the princesses. This idea is sure to please your little princess!

Cupcakes! A great thing about the cupcakes is once the girls are done eating the cupcakes they'll have a ring with one of the princesses to wear. Not only do you have the cupcakes for the girls to eat but a little party favor for them as well. The sugar on the rim of them adds a nice extra touch.

Petite Signature Cakes! So many princesses to choose from. I like the idea of make the cake into the dress.

Princess Tiana
Princess Aurora
Signature Cakes! I think my favorite has to be the Cinderella cake. The pumpkins just make the cake.

Cinderella and Fairy Godmother
Garden Royalty
Princess Castle

Tomorrow... the big cheese, Mickey Mouse!

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1 comment:

  1. After seeing the Fairy cakes and now the Princess cakes, Emily has given me a long list of cakes she would like for her birthday party in December!! :-)


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