30 July 2011

Review: Tokyo Dining

Mitsukoshi Building in the Japan Pavilion
Overlooking the World Showcase Lagoon in the Japan Pavilion is Tokyo Dining. This beautiful restaurant is upstairs in the Mitsukoshi building, above the shop with Teppan Edo.

As you enter Tokyo Dining/Teppan Edo you are greeted by Cast Members dressed in traditional kimonos. One of the first things you will notice is that the two restaurants are located side-by-side. With Tokyo Dining being the restaurant that you enter into. The decor is modern Asian with a well-lit sushi bar and beautiful dark wood tables.

It's very quiet, as most people tend to choose Teppan Edo over Tokyo Dining for it's great hibachi grill entertainment. Over at Tokyo Dining you receive a fabulous view of the World Showcase, with tables lined up along a wall of windows. A very relaxing dining experience for both lunch and dinner. At lunch, enjoy the people watching from this second-story restaurant and at night marvel in the nighttime show IllumiNations with a spectacular view.

Tokyo Dining - Dining Room
Tokyo Dining's menu is very similar to most sushi bars across America. Starters include tempura, edamame, miso soup, seaweed salad and a sushi sampler.

Whether you eat sushi or not there is something for nearly everyone. There are your traditional items such as nigiri, sushi rolls and sashimi. If you are looking for a variety of items to sample try the bento box, Ginza gozen, sushi combination or the Shinjuku gozen, offering a selection of different items. Grilled chicken, NY Strip steak, and salmon are available for those who prefer to not eat raw fish.

Traditional flavors are found in the desserts such as green tea pudding and chocolate ginger cake. Tokyo Dining offers a nice selection of beer, wine, sake and specialty drinks for those looking for something to enhance their dinning experience.

Food and Drink

Shrimp Cocktail
The tempura items have a batter that is very light and crispy, and the dipping sauce has a slight hint of sweetness. The shrimp cocktail is served with a wasabi cocktail sauce, so it has a little bit more heat than your traditional cocktail sauce made with horseradish.

Ginza Gozen

Bento Box
The Ginza Gozen, combination of tempura (3 scallops, 2 shrimp, chicken, zucchini and mushroom) and sushi (tuna, yellowtail, shrimp and 2 California rolls) served with steamed rice and seaweed salad ($24.95) is an excellent way to sample a variety of tempura ans sushi without having to order several rolls. The sushi is fresh and the portion size of fish is larger than you might expect. One thing to note, the seaweed salad is seasoned with sesame oil, which can be an overpowering ingredient but it is perfectly seasoned with it. Another sampler option to try is the Bento Box, beef tips, tuna slice and tempura vegetables served with steamed rice and seaweed salad ($23.95). The beef, sautéed in a savory soy sauce, is cooked perfected and very flavorful.

Green Tea Pudding
If you're a fan of flan, try the green tea pudding. It has a very similar texture and nice lightness to the dessert.

The Cast Members are friendly, upbeat and incredibly attentive. Being presented with hot hand towels is a very welcoming way to start your meal, especially after being out in the busy park. The prices are fairly good for the amount of food and quality. You'll definitely leave this place full and happy. I highly recommend trying Tokyo Dining, the food is good, the service outstanding and the atmosphere very relaxing. So next to you are looking to dine somewhere new or can't get into Teppan Edo, give Tokyo Dining a try.

If you are looking to dine and enjoy IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, make your Advanced Dining Reservation for an hour or so before and arrive early. Once you arrive ask for a table near the window for the best view of this fantastic nighttime entertainment.

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