27 July 2011

Quick Eats - Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken

Where to Eat It: Lotus Blossom Cafe
Location: China Pavilion, Epcot
Disney Dining Plan: 1 Quick Service Credit
Cost: $8.49

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World I met up with Jeff Davis, who recommended eating at Lotus Blossom Cafe. It was one of the few counter service options I had yet to try but was on the list so we made the stop. I decided to try the Orange Chicken, served with steamed white rice.

It’s pretty good for counter service Chinese food. However, if you are looking for a dish that definitely has that orange flavor, this is not the one for you. The orange was very little, just a slight hint so if you didn’t know that it was Orange Chicken… you might not realize that it has orange in it at all.

It actually reminded me more of Sweet n' Sour Chicken than Orange Chicken. So if you are looking for something Chinese, quick and good, give the Orange Chicken a try. If you are looking for Orange Chicken, give one of the other entrees a try but if you like Sweet n' Sour Chicken, you'll enjoy this.

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