07 July 2011

Disney Travel Tip Thursday - Disney Rewards Visa

Chase Bank offers a Disney Rewards Visa Card which earns Disney Dream Reward Dollars. These are equal to 1% on purchase charges to your card. You can redeem these for Disney merchandise, park tickets, hotel stays, food and more at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Stores and DisneyStore.com.

Not only can you save these up so that you can save money on your vacation but the card also offers a few perks. Some of the benefits are:
  • Discounts on backstage tours
  • 10% off merchandise at select locations
  • Meet n' Greet at a special card member location
  • Special card member offers (i.e. 10% off D23 membership)
  • Occasional exclusive or early purchase of vacation packages
Special benefits good only at Disneyland:
  • 10% off food at select dining locations
  • 10% off at select Downtown Disney merchandise and dining locations
  • Disneyland Resort package
  • Private card member phone line
The Disney Rewards Visa has no annual fee and a very nice vacation perk... no interest for 6 months on Disney Vacation packages and Disney Cruise Line packages. When booking with your travel agent just let them know that you have a Disney Rewards Visa so they can get you any special offer that Disney offers.
I use this card every time I book a Disney vacation package for myself. As the 6 months no interest comes in very handy. I can make even monthly payments over 6 months so that my Disney vacation is much more affordable.


  1. I have to say I majorly disagree with this. I've had a Disney Rewards Visa for years and have yet to see any benefit. The rewards points are incredibly slow to stack up and do expire if you don't use them within a period of time. And since they take so long to accumulate, I've never been able to use them for anything worth while.

    And you're not kidding when you say you get a discount at SELECT restaurants. Every place I've asked at Downtown Disney has said they don't honor it. Which isn't to say that none of them do, but it's kind of annoying when that was part of the reason I'd been sold on the card.

    Maybe the card is great if you use your credit card a lot. I try not to since the 0% interest ran out. If I had to do it over again, i would get a card with a better rewards system and put it towards airfare.

    That's strictly my opinion though.

  2. Rebelcomix, as I mentioned, it give 1% back so of course it's going to take some time to accumulate. As far as them expiring, you have several years to accumulate points and if you are someone who purchases most things with a card you have the potential to get there pretty quick.

    The best thing, in my opinion, is the 0% 6 months on the card. This makes it much easier to pay for your vacation when you can break it down into 7 payments instead of paying in all at once. This is the main reason I have this card is to be able to pay for my vacation in monthly installments. There is no other card that gives you the ability to do that with your vacation to Walt Disney World, Disneyland or Disney Cruise Line.

  3. I disagree with the first commenter. Our Disney Visa paid for our lodging (3 nights at Port Orleans Riverside) and all our meals and souvenirs on our last trip. I think the Disney Visa ROCKS! But, we use ours for EVERYTHING and pay it off each month. It works for us!


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