16 June 2011

Taking Food Into the Park

If you are looking to save a little bit of money, one of the best ways is to take food and drinks into the park. You can bring entire meals, snacks or just drinks. It really depends on how much do you want to carry or if want to carry around a cooler in the park.

One option that some family do is to bring entire meals into the parks. This will save you a lot of money but you'll have to lug around a cooler to keep your food cold and to be able to store enough food for your family for the day. There are restrictions on the type of cooler that you can bring into the park. According to the Disney website you can't bring any wheeled coolers into the park. Another thing to keep in mind is that you do have to go through Disney's Security checkpoint and this will take some time if you are bringing a lot into the park. If you like bringing your food into the park, I highly suggest you put items in clear bags and containers so that security can easy see what you are bringing into the park. If you are wanting to go with this option make sure you check out Garden Grocer. They delieve directly to your resort!

Personally, I think the best option for bringing food into the parks is to bring snacks. You can bring items like cereal bars, trail mix, chips, crackers, etc. and you don't have to worry about the food needing to be kept cool or carrying around a lot. By doing this, it will help you to not spend money on stopping by to pick up a snack and you'll still be able to stop during the day and enjoy a table service or quick service meal. Being a foodie, I think it's important to experience the great food that Disney has to offer. It's part of the whole experience of being at Disney.

One thing I always to do save money is pick up a case of water. I drink a lot of water and at $2.50 a bottle gets expensive quickly. I typically bring 2 or 3 bottles of water into the park and still end up stopping to grab a drink but it's saves me several dollars that I can spend elsewhere in the parks.

These are some of the ways to save money when visiting the Disney parks. Which one is for you really depends on how your family likes to experience their vacation and what is most important to you. For me, I enjoy the food so I put money aside so that I can enjoy that experience at Disney when I travel and just bring water into the parks. Some of you might find that bringing snacks into the park is perfect because it holds you over until your meal and others might find that they are on a tight budget and need to bring food into the park.

So which are you?

For more information on Disney dining, including restaurants, dining plans, discounts and more, visit the Disney Dining FAQ page.

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