09 June 2011

Travel Tip Thursday: Getting Through Security Faster

During the busy season lines can get long at the airport when going through security. Here are a few tips for making it go smoother and a little bit faster.
  • Have your ID and boarding pass in your hand when going to enter the security checkout as they will be checking them before letting you enter the security area.
  • Check the TSA website before traveling to insure that you don't have an forbidden items with you before going through security.
  • Throw away all bottles of water, drinks and liquids more than 3 oz. that aren't in your quart size travel bag.
  • Make sure to put your 3 oz. liquids (this is the max amount allowed in a bottle) in a clear quart size bag and put them in the tray. Do not leave them in your carry-on or personal item. If it's not necessary to carry liquids on the plane, put them in your checked luggage.
  • Declutter your carry-on bag and personal item. This makes it easier for the Transportation Security Officers to see through your bags when they go through the X-ray.
  • Be prepared to take off shoes and jackets to put in a bin.
  • Have your laptop out and ready to be put in a bin by itself. No other items are allowed in the bins with laptops.
  • Make sure to take off all metal jewelry and accessories that could trigger the metal detector.
  • Limit the amount of items you need to take on the plane. Of course, keep medications and electronics with you, but check any unnecesary items.
These tips will make your journey through the TSA security check point go smoother and faster. Also, you won't be holding up the line for those who are behind you trying to get through.

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