29 June 2011

My Culinary Year Long Challenge - Stocks, Soups, Sauces and Salads

At the beginning of April I decided to embark on a year long culinary challenge to complete 12 course and a total of 268 lessons online. My plan to accomplish this in one year is definitely a challenge in and of itself. Life is busy with everyday things and I have to schedule time to accomplish this, because I'm determined to do so and refuse to not follow through with this.

I finished up Course 2: Stocks, Soups, Sauces and Salads. This was a lot of lessons to go through, but informative and very motivating to get in the kitchen and cook. I have of course made each of these things before but some of the techniques used to make some of the items, like Hollandaise sauce are different than what I've used in the past. There were also a few sauces I've never made, but definitely are going to, like mayonnaise. It might sound like some a silly thing to make since you can buy it at the grocery store; but if you've ever had fresh made mayo, there is nothing like it. I recently had it on my trip to London and it was incredible compared to what you get at the store. Even my father, who hates mayo and is a Miracle Whip man even liked it, so much so we had to fight over it.

As far as salads go, one of my favorites was the Asian coleslaw. This was different than what you even see at restaurants that serve this, it contained pineapple. It's something I look forward to trying soon. I'm one who loves to have coleslaw in the summer when grilling out. When it comes to coleslaw, I don't have a preference to whether it's creamy or vinger-based. Here is one thing I found to be interesting in the salad lessons, the Caesar salad is named after the Mexican Chef Caesar Cardini.

Now I'm on to course 3, Cooking Techniques 1: Saute, Boil and Grill. Sauteing and grilling two of my favorite ways to cook. Looking forward to this!

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  1. Congratulations on your success in Stocks Soups Sauces and Salads!!The Asian coleslaw with pineapple sounds delicious, Yum:)

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