23 May 2011

Kyle's Favorites From Tambu Lounge

By Kyle from The Lost Boys List

If you're like me then you love grabbing a drink or... 5 on vacation. As you may or may not know, Walt Disney World has some terrific places to grab a drink and today I'm headed to the Polynesian Resort and discussing some of Tambu Lounge's more popular and unique drinks.

When we're talking about the Tambu Lounge everyone needs to order and experience the Lapu Lapu. The Lapu Lapu is a strong rum based drink served in a hallowed out pineapple. Have no fear of the potent Bacardi 151 rum, the Lapu Lapu is a very fruity and easy to drink beverage. At a pricey $14 a pop, this handful of a drink is a sure to grab the attention of other curious bar goers wondering what exactly you're drinking.

Next is a personal favorite of mine called The Backscratcher. The Backscratcher is another Tambu Lounge exclusive, featuring both light and dark rums topped with a shot of Jack Daniels. Although this drink is mixed with Passion fruit Juice the taste of alcohol is noticeable. Perhaps the collest part of the drink is the real bamboo backscratcher that comes in the drink. These 10 cent beauties aren't the latest and greatest tech gadget but it's something you can take home to "remember" your fine evening at the Tambu Lounge.

Lets switch (g)ears for all you beer drinks out there.

Here at the Tambu Lounge you can find a couple great beers that are rare thoughtout Walt Disney World. One of those beers is DogFish Head's 60 minute IPA. the IPA stands for India Pale Ale and is hoppier then your typical beer. Don't be shy; Dogfishdid a great job creating a fruity, sweet, and smooth IPA that makes for an extremely drinkable beer.

If hoppy beers aren't your preference then try a Longboard Lager by Kona Brewing Company. Kona Brewing Company is located in Hawaii and what better place to feature it then at the Polynesian Resort? The beer itself is very drinkable and light in color. You will find fruity notes and a refreshing after taste; a perfect brew on a hot Florida day.

It's last call and I should start cleaning up. Thanks for reading!

Kyle co-hosts The Lost Boys List Podcast with his brother Craig. Kyle grew up regularly visiting Disney and one of his favorite things to do is to talk about Disney lists. Make sure to check out his podcast, join his community, "Like" the podcast on Facebook and follow it on Twitter @thelostboyslist.

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  1. Our trips to Walt Disney World are not complete with my husband getting one or a few of the back scratchers (which we have quite a collection of the back scratchers around here!). Tambu Lounge is one of our favorite spots to get a drink, especially when we follow it up with dinner at 'Ohan

  2. Great post! Looks like next time I'll have me a 'Backscratcher!"


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