16 May 2011

Edible Prose - Garden Groove

Edible Prose by J.B. Conway and John Knell

*Photography by Kristen Hoetzel

J.B. Conway is creator of Mouse of Zen and author of the book Mouse of Zen, which can be purchased on Amazon.com. Mouse of Zen is a series of Disney inspired haiku, a Japanese form of poetry, that Conway decided to put together after visiting Walt Disney World with his kids. It's his way of leaving something to his children. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @Mouse of Zen.

John Knell is a visual artist who loves his family, Disney, Star Wars, photography, art, social media, playing bass and U2. He is the owner of his own fine art studio - Knell StudioWorks, where he produces many photogrphic illustrations based on Walt Disney World. He also smiles a lot. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @johnny_kc & @knellstudios. 

Cooking With Mickey

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to Cooking with Mickey for a great pic and Knell StudioWorks for adding art to the picture inspired by my haiku. Be sure to click on image to see a larger version! Please help out Cooking With Mickey by spreading the word around about this month's haiku illustration!


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