31 May 2011

Cooking Tip Tuesday: Mouth on Fire? Put Out the Heat!

There is a big range of heat when it comes to peppers. Ranging from mild to extremely hot. So if you are eating one of those hot peppers whether it be milder like a jalepeno (25,000 Scoville Units) or as hot as a habanero (350,000 Scoville Units) you might need to put out the heat. If your mouth is burning from one of these hot peppers one of the best ways to get the heat out is to drink milk or eat a milk-based product like ice cream. Dairy unbinds the capsaicin (what tells you mouth the pepper is hot) from the nerve receptors. Other food that might help are nuts and beans but nothing works as well as dairy.

So next time your mouth is on fire... don't reach for that glass of water, reach for a glass of milk.

Cooking With Mickey

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