03 May 2011

Cooking Tip Tuesday: Easy Way to Lift Heavy Pans

For heavy pans like cast-iron skillets there is an easier way to lift them than the way you usually lift pans. If you try to lift the pan with your palm facing the pan and your fingers toward the end of the hand, it puts less stress on your wrist. For someone small like me, this makes even heavy pans easier to lift. So you don't have to be strong to use that cast-iron skillet you've been hiding in the back of your cabinet.

Cooking With Mickey

1 comment:

  1. I had a cast iron skillet a couple of years ago and I forgot about it in back of the cabinet and it was completely rusted. I guess I didn't take care of it and found it difficult to clean it. But anyway thanks for your tips because they do make the best corn bread and bacon...


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