28 April 2011

Year Long Culinary Challenge - Stocks and Soups

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So I've moved on to the next section. In case I didn't mention this before there are 12 sections in total. I've completed only part of this section which includes Stocks, Soups, Sauces and Salads. I finished both Stocks and Soups. In this section, I did find a few interested points to the lessons that I did not know. Most of all this lesson got me to thinking about summer and how most people don't eat soup in the summer months. This has inspired me to make more than Gazpacho but some nice cool summer soups. Maybe something with cucumbers, melons or avocados. Soup is something you can make in large quantities and freeze to eat later. There is something refreshing about a nice chilled soup so I'm thinking this will be my mission this summer to create some interesting chilled soups. Now I'm hungry... just thinking about some cool soup would be nice since it's been so hot here lately.

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  1. I love soup and make several throughout the year. Here in NH, soup is a staple for the cold winter months, but I do love a couple of fruit soups in the summer. Always refreshing and even better, my kids will eat them! Good luck with the next section!


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