13 April 2011

My Year Long Challenge

I recently read Julie and Julia and now I'm reading Eat, Love, Pray. Both books are about a year long experience, which in the end the writter accomplishes something of importance to them. I have decided that I've been doing so many things that at times my head feels like it is spinning so I need something that is constant, has an ending... a goal. 

Knowing how much I like to cook and that I don't have the money to attend a culinary school, my father forwarded me an email about an online cooking school, unaccredited; but none the less a cooking school. Even though I've taken cooking classes in the past, this is something different and has a final goal with a deadline. They offer two options with this, pay by the month or pay for a full year. I have decided to pay for the full year up front and in one year finish all 265 classes so that I can receive the "Certificate of Completion". This program covers everything from the basics to soups to cooking techniques to meats to fish and more. I'm determined to finish all 265 courses before the year ends. I shall share my experiences with you as I go through the program.

Wish me luck!!

Off Topic - At some point I'll share my opinion about Julie and Julia the book vs. the movie.

Cooking With Mickey


  1. That is a great goal! Good Luck in your journey and I look forward to keeping up with you as you go throughout the year!

    I would love to hear how you liked the book Julie & Julia - I haven't read it yet, but I liked the movie.

  2. Good Luck!! I am sure you will finish and make us all proud. I can't wait to hear about your experiences.

  3. very cool!! so is this a course a day for the rest of the year? sounds fun!! I look forward to keeping up with your progress!! :)

  4. Good Luck!!How exciting!I'm looking forward to reading all about your new adventure. Eat,Pray,Love and Julie and Julia were so good! Can't wait to read your review:)

  5. What? No 'Drink Mixing' segment??? See if they can add a 266th class!

  6. Good luck!! Sounds like a great goal!

  7. That's a great year adventure! Good luck! Can I taste test any of your creations?

  8. Could you send me the link to Tricia at ReturnToDisney dot com? That's sounds amazing....culinary school is one of my dreams, but actually attending classes would have to wait until the kids are grown, or at least a lot more self-sufficient than they are now.

  9. Thanks for all the Good Lucks! I appreciate it.

    Jami, any time you want to come by and eat... you can try them. :)

    Tricia, I'll send that to you.


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