10 April 2011

Meet the New Contributor to Cooking with Mickey

Starting this year Cooking with Mickey decided to take on contributors. First, Natalie Henley from Meet the Magic. Then, Aljon Go from Sorcerer Radio and J.B. Conway from Mouse of Zen.

This month Cooking with Mickey has added John Knell, a photographer and graphic artist and you might recognize his name because he's the man behind the creative images that co-exist with Mouse of Zen haiku.

John Knell

John will be adding the beautiful artistic graphics that you see with many of J.B.'s haiku on other Disney fan run sites. Looking for more information about John? Want to know how he got started in his creative ventures? Check it out here.

Please welcome both of these very talented people to the writing staff of Cooking with Mickey. As always their articles will come out on Mondays. Every Monday, you can expect to see a new article from one of these great contributors who have volunteered their time to bring a littl something different to Cooking with Mickey.

Cooking With Mickey


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