21 April 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is Back!!

For those of you that missed the first season of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, he is back again fighting for healthy food in school. This season he's taking on the Los Angeles school district, which he has been banned from. He'll be fighing this tooth and nail as we know from last season. He doesn't back down from a fight!

His big campaign this year is to not sell sugary milk in schools and to bring back wholesome milk. If you want to be part of his revolution here is the link: http://www.jamieoliver.com/us/foundation/jamies-food-revolution/sugary-milk

What are your thoughts on Jamie trying to bring healthy foods into the American schools? Are you all for it or could you care less what it is that your kids get at school? For those of you that are moms and dads... I'd love to hear what you think.

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  1. We LOVE what Jamie is doing and support the mission 100%! I'm sure the show is edited for extra drama for ratings but the problem is real. After seeing the show last year I went to my son's school to have lunch with him one day and I was appalled! There was no color on the plate, just a sea of grey/brown! Microwaved burrito pouch, applesauce, & bun. Oh, and I think some sort of thing that was supposed to be a salad. Needless to say I pack his lunch. (and hope to get better at that with healty, colorful, fresh foods!)

    I hope that the Food Revolution finds it's way all across America. We should all care about what goes into our mouths as it greatly affects the rest of our bodies! =)

    *steps down from soap box* =)

  2. So glad Jamie's Revolution is back! I love the show and love the message.


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