30 March 2011

Some Slight Changes In the Disney Dining Plan You May Not Have Noticed

Some slight changes have occurred this year to the Disney Dining Plan. Just in case you've missed out on these changes, I thought I'd mention them.

El Pirate y El Perico is still listed on the Disney Dining Plan... however, the restaurant went under refurbishment and has been renamed Tortuga Tavern.

Le Cellier Steakhouse at the beginning of March went from using one table service credit for dinner to now requiring 2 table service credit. Just to note, the menu has been slightly changed from what it was back when it required only one table credit.

Pollo Campero/Fresh-A-Peel is now been added to the Disney Dining Plan.

Cooking With Mickey


  1. hey... i heard Le Cellier is still only 1 credit if you eat lunch there... any truth to that rumor!?

  2. That's true! It's only at dinner that they are requiring 2 credits.


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