22 March 2011

Cooking Tip Tuesday: Keeping Maple Syrup

Once maple syrup has been opened it should be refrigerated. If you want it to keep indefinitely, put it in the freezer. Also, make sure to pick up maple syrup in glass containers rather than metal or plastic, which can alter the flavor.

*Image from Maple Community

Cooking With Mickey


  1. We just made our own maple syrup from our own sap we gathered from our own maple trees and are going to be having breakfast for dinner tonight to test it out. Glass jars are definitely the way to go!

  2. Now that is very cool! I have no maple trees around my house. I have hickory trees and well, they are pretty much only good for burning. LOL!

  3. We can trade - I'll send you sap and you can send us hickory wood for our smoker! :-)


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