28 February 2011

Disney Magic and Kids - My Son's Favorite Food

By Natalie H. from Meet the Magic

When you think of dining, you may always think of a meal in a restaurant. However, one of my son's absolute favorite food items has nothing to do with a meal! His very favorite item to be purchased to eat in Disney are the Mickey ear ice cream bars! He likes to get one a day when we vacation in Disney. He would want more than one but his mommy says only one per day!

If you ever get one of these frozen goodies, remember that they MELT very quickly in the hot Florida sun. We have gotten 2 now that have actually fallen off the stick pretty much right after the bar was removed from the wrapper. It seems that the bars often crack during transportation. But no need to cry over spilled ice cream! Show the vendor the issue and they will replace it!

Natalie H. is creator of Meet the Magic and guest contributor to Cooking with Mickey. She'll be providing Disney Magic and Kids - all about dining at DIsney with kids and giving great tips to make the most of your family dining experiences. Make sure to follow her on Twitter @nrhenley and @meetthemagic.

1 comment:

  1. These are a favorite of my kids too! Though the Mickey Ear ice cream sandwich runs a close second! :-)


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