24 January 2011

Disney Magic and Kids - Tusker House

By Natalie H. of Meet the Magic

My son and I arrived at the Animal Kingdom before it opened. This would be my son and my first trip to the Tusker House for Donald's Safari Breakfast! I went only hoping that my son would be able to find some food on the breakfast bar that would appease him, but was skeptical.
When we arrived, we put our name on the waiting list and waiting outside at a grouping of tables. My son was none too happy with the 15 minute wait, but all was forgotten when we walked in the door to the Tusker House! We approached the spacious, vaulted room which housed the abundance of foods and my son was in awe! Then, we moved past this area with a promise from the Cast Member that we could return soon!
We were seating in a room right off from the bar. The room was heavily decorated with
historic Himalayan artifacts! These included masks, maps, photos, and tapestries. The seating is at wooden pull-out chairs and the flooring is covered with a variety of space rugs which make the surroundings the more enticing! After seating, we headed straight to the bar. We were happy to find that there was enough variety of foods to appease myself and my son. My son's plate included muffins, fruit, yogurt and a cinnamon roll. I loved the eggs, potato wedges, veggie frittata, banana nut muffing and warm banana-cinnamon bread pudding with vanilla sauce. I had to get seconds on the frittata and the pudding! Really great stuff. (Wanting some now!)

Right after getting my seconds plate, in came our friends Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy. Goofy hung out a very long time in our room and even did a few dances with all willing dancers around the room to a variety of songs. The participants used various musical instruments to play along with the music. In addition, people who wanted to remain at their tables were also invited to play the musical instruments and participate from their table. It was loads of fun and really allowed for everyone to get additional time with one of the 4 characters! The price for the breakfast was $24, as my son was free at the time (dreaming about those free days now!) The breakfast was great, the memories lasted far longer than the money would have otherwise! So, maybe on your next trip to Disney World, you and your family will consider the Tusker House for good food and good times!

Natalie H. is creator of Meet the Magic and guest contributor to Cooking with Mickey. She'll be providing Disney Magic and Kids - all about dining at DIsney with kids and giving great tips to make the most of your family dining experiences. Make sure to follow her on Twitter @nrhenley and @meetthemagic.

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  1. I didn't know about this character meal!! I think I've found one for our next trip (whenever that may be)!

  2. We have to try out Tusker House one of these trips! It sounds delicious and fun. I think we are stuck going to our favorites and not wanting to give them up, but I think next trip we need to try something new and Tusker House just might be it. By the way, I love the picture of your son with Mickey - such a cute expression!


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