04 January 2011

Cooking Tip Tuesday: Artichoke Freshness

How do you know if an artichoke is fresh? Easy, does it feel heavy for it's size? Yes. Does it squeak when you squeeze it? Yes. Well, then you've found a fresh artichoke.

*Photo from Cisco

Cooking With Mickey


  1. I need a video on how to PREPARE the damn things. I've tried, and I'm either doing something seriously wrong, or it's not even close to the effort!

  2. I'm planning on starting to do some videos like that. Until I do... let me find you one. I'll post it soon.

  3. Kristen - I'm planning our third trip to WDW for Nov. '11 (keeping it a surprise for our boys). In my early planning stages I found your blog. I have really enjoyed your cooking with mickey segments!! I think I have watched them all in the last few days. You are a very good teacher - can't wait to make some of the recipes. Looking forward to seeing more! :)


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