10 December 2010

Celebrating Holidays Disney Style

When it comes to celebrating the holidays Disney style I could talk about all of the Disney ornaments that are on my tree or the stuffed holiday characters that sit on my sofa, but I'll be talking about Disney food.

When it comes to the holidays, one of my favorite things is the food and parties. Almost every year I through a holiday party at my house. In the past, I've had more than 50 people in my small house (thank God for a deck with a firepit). I always cook! I love to throw in some of the Disney dishes from the cookbooks or a special drink into the mix. It's always a surprise when people find out that something that they found to be delicious came from Disney.

For Christmas Eve, I take a dinner dish to my in-laws and for Christmas, I take something to my parents for us to have for lunch and then a dish to add to the dinner. What I take is different every year. One year, I made Boma's Curry Butternut Soup and another Wolfgang Puck's Pumpkin Ravioli. These two Disney dishes have been huge hits. I have to tell you thought that these are unusual dishes to my families very traditional Christmas meal. They've made the same items for Christmas every for as long as I can remember and until I moved out and starting bring dishes there was nothing new or different. Now that I get to bring something, I have fun with it and bring something new and exciting for them to try. It's become a new family tradion... let's see what Kristen is bring this year.

When deciding what to take to that office party, friend's holiday party, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner... don't leave out a possible Disney recipe.

If you live or are visiting Walt Disney World soon you could even stop by Epcot's Germany Pavilion and pick up a bottle of Gluhwein. It is delicious and a nice holiday treat! If you've never had it... try a glass while you are there. It's a spiced wine, served hot that is often drank at the Christmas Markets in German speaking countries while shopping. I don't celebrate the holidays without it.

Cooking With Mickey

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  1. That sounds just like my family! I swear we had the same meal from the time I born until 2004 for my son's 1st Christmas, which my DH and I hosted. I always add new things to the menu, but I surprisingly haven't added any Disney recipes. Maybe that will be my goal this Christmas - adding Disney to our menu!


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