24 November 2010

Disney Magic and Kids - Ask and You may Receive!

By Natalie H. of Meet the Magic

Ask and You May Receive!

After my son passed the age when milk and baby food was enough for him, I began to study the menus available at Disney World more carefully. My son, as many of you are familiar with your own child, is very picky. For years, my mother and I have enjoyed the foods at the Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Knowing I would need to find my son something, anything there to eat, I began to investigate! 

What I found was that the menu for the children at the Plaza Restaurant included an appetizer, entrée and a dessert. My tiny son is going to eat three courses?!? And the appetizer consists of either a Tomato Soup or Mixed Salad. Are you kidding! My son will not touch either of these selections. And when reading the menu, you will note that the cost of $8.59 includes all three of these courses.

At this point, I had two options:
I could either eat the courses that my son was not interested and just purchase myself something else smaller to accommodate or Ask if I could get only the Entrée portion of the meal.  

I tried both instances and was happy with the outcome! I was able to do the first option on one occasion, eating my son’s Tomato Soup appetizer. This is my FAVORITE soup on Disney property and is really my reason for going to this restaurant. I also purchase myself a side salad to go with the soup and shared his ice cream with him from the dessert course. On a separate trip, I inquired on the purchase of just an Entrée for my son from this child’s menu and was told that the cost would be reduced! 

After I heard that the children’s menu was available a la carte, I felt better about being able to make the appropriate decisions for my son. Sometimes the selections were such that I wanted to purchase all three courses, and sometimes not. But in the end, it was my decision!

Natalie H. is creator of Meet the Magic and guest contributor to Cooking with Mickey. She'll be providing Disney Magic and Kids - all about dining at Disney with kids and giving great tips to make the most of your family dining experiences. Make sure to follow her on Twitter @nrhenley.

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