15 October 2010

Cooking With Mickey Episode 8: Hitipi

Hitipi is a Greek dip from Spoodle's Restaurant which used to be located at Disney's Boardwalk Inn at Walt Dsiney World. It has since be replaced by another Greek restaurant, Kouzzina by Cat Cora.

Cooking With Mickey


  1. Just found your site. Very cool. Who is standing on the chair above you? I can't cook, and after watching the show now I want to drive 7 hours to WDW to go to food and wine:(
    Maybe after a few shows I'll dig out a pot and pan. Http://www.MouseChat.net - Steve

  2. To film it you mean? My husband.

  3. Maybe you and your husband could do a show that is a cook off and have a friend there to judge it.

    - Steve


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