31 October 2010

Cooking with Mickey Contest! Questions... looking for them?

Don't forget to enter the first ever Cooking with Mickey contest! Just watch the video and answer the questions by emailing the answers to me. One lucky winner will be announced on November 26th. For those of you that are my blog readers I'm giving you a special hint... all the answers can be found on the internet. Looking for the questions? They are like the Cheshire Cat!

1. What is the name of the organ at 1900 Park Fare? What year was it built? Where did it come from?

2. What stories are Alice in Wonderland based on? Who is the author? What is his real name?

3. What is the oldest attraction? What attractions can you find at both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland (name all of them)?

4. Name all of the countries and what year they were built?

5. What day and year was the Tower of Terror hotel struck on? What time is the clock stuck on?

6. On Dinosaur who sends you on a mission? What is his real name (the actors actually name)? What is your mission?

Cooking With Mickey

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