01 August 2010

Brad Sorenson says goodbye!

Clearly this week almost everyone wanted to see Aria go home. I have to admit in the beginning I thought she had a chance of winning but the longer the season has gone on, the more one dimension she has become. This past week Aria received 76% of the votes, followed by Tom with 16% and Brad with 8%.

I absolutely thought Aria was going home. She should have! She was the weakest link this week but unfortunatley they sent home Brad Sorenson, who I would have liked to have seen move on. His presentation at Frank Sinatra's home a few weeks ago was beyond amazing and his food looks great.

Now we are back to the question we have every Sunday night... who should go home next?

Cooking With Mickey

1 comment:

  1. At the very beginning of the season my husband and I also guessed Aria would win the whole thing. But yep... totally one dimensional now. I'm definitely bummed Brad went home.


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