26 July 2010

Serena Says Goodbye!

Two weeks in a row the viewers seemed to have almost had their wish come true. This past week both Serena and Herb tied at 40% each and Aria had 20% of you wanting them to go home. Well, for those of you who said Serena, your wish was granted. Her bags and her have been sent back to her home kitchen to continue her culinary fun there.

Now it's that time again to vote for who you want to see leave next week. I'm feeling more and more like it's which one do I want to see go home that is going to go home anyways. It's clear that it's just a matter of time before some of them get sent home. As we saw Tom isn't ready to give up on Tom yet but if he can't pull it off this Sunday... could it be his last?

*Image from Look At Game

Cooking With Mickey

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