23 July 2010

Italy Pizzeria Update

Starting on August 6, 2010 Via Napoli, the new restaurant opening in the Italy Pavilion will start taking reservations. The restaurant will official open on September 10, 2010. Starting on August 5 the restaurant will be going through a soft opening, where they will only be taking walk-ins.

The restaurant is going to be a table service location and will accept the Disney Dining Plan. I haven't seen anything yet about whether they will be accepting Tables in Wonderland but will be keeping an eye out for that information.

The menu item that is the highlight of the restaurant is it's wood-fired pizzas but the restaurant will have other items like soups, salads, pasta and even vegetarian options.

Cooking With Mickey

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait! I've always said they needed a good pizzeria in Italy!


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