03 July 2010

Adult Cooking Classes in Downtown Disney

Live in the Florida or are you heading to Walt Disney World for your summer vacation? Well, Levy Restaurants which includeds Portobello, Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe and Fulton's Crab House is hosting a one day cooking class for adults only. Adults will have the opportunity to learn how to make the restaurants signature dish and at the end will get to taste their creation and enjoy it with a wine pairing.


It will be held on Saturday, July 10th from 11 am to 2 pm and is $59.95 per person.

Portobello - Downtown Disney Marketplace
  • Panna Cotta with Florida Peaches
  • Oltrepo Pavese Muscato Dolce wine
Fulton's Crab House - Downtown Disney Marketplace
  • St. Augustine Yellowtail Snapper
  • En Papilote with julienne vegetables, fresh thyme and lemon
  • Fulton's White wine
Wolfgang Puck Cafe - Downtown Disney West Side
  • Maryland Style Crab Cake
  • Concerto Grunerveltliner wine
To make reservations, which is recommended by calling 407-828-8996

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