27 April 2010

Undercover Tourist's App Get's A Thumbs Up!

So on my recent trip to Walt Disney World, Sorcerer, the station owner of Sorcerer Radio asked me to check out this app from Undercover Tourist. This is a recently launched new iPhone app.

When the app first loads it gives you 2 current WDW promotions and underneath it is Theme Park Maps & Times, Play, Community, Discount Tickets, Parking, My Tickets and About.
Here is a little more about the features:
  • About, tells you about the company.
  • My ticket, lets you take a picture for reference.
  • Park, lets you save the location of where you parked your car via GPS and include details.
  • Discount Tickets, lists prices for the tickets including all of the features with Magic My Way Tickets.
  • Community, takes you to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Play. has different difficulties of the memory game to kill time while waiting in line.
  • Theme Park Maps & Times, has a lot of information! Including detailed park maps for Walt Disney World with the locations of the attractions. It lists all of the parks with their park hours (including Extra Magic Hours with buttons for Map & List. If you click on Map, you can then click on the attraction it will give you details including the current wait time, height & age restrictions, rating, description of the attraction and some fun tips & facts. If you click on List it will list each park area, attraction and current wait times. If you click on the Park/Park Hours it will give you all of the parade times for the day.

I found this app to be very helpful and the wait times to be pretty much in real time. Only a couple of them were off by 5-10 minutes. However, they were off in a good way. For example, at one time it said that Spaceship Earth had a 15 minute wait, but it actually only ended up being 10 minutes. Not too bad. I found this to be the perfect way to plan what FP to get when arriving at the park and which attractions that I wanted to hit since I didn't want to wait in long lines. A great app for anyone traveling to the World. By far the best I've seen when it comes to wait times by a landslide.
Currently the Undercover Tourist App is only for iPhones and is available offline using the 3G network. The price is $1.99 for a short time (now until 6/19/10) and will be raised to it's to it's eventual cost f $3.99 after that. If you decided you want to try out this app on your next trip to the World visit the iTunes store to download from either your phone or PC/Mac.
If you decide to give it a try, let me know how it works for you!

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