05 April 2010

New Live Sorcerer Radio Shows During Your Workday

*Photo from SRSounds.com

Sorcerer made the announcement today on E-Ticket Time about what the "Are You Ready?" was all about. Four NEW shows have been added to the Sorcerer Radio Midday Magic Hours at 1 pm EST. The four shows are:

Disney On Demand - hosted by Jonathan Johnson. He'll give upcoming new films and releases, interview with Disney actors (tomorrow is Margaret Kerry, you know... Tinkerbell) and play Disney music from the movies and TV shows. He'll be on Tuesdays and he can be followed on Twitter @DisneyBlu.

Muppet Cast - hosted by Steve Swanson. The ONLY radio show all about Disney's Muppet Studios and Jim Henson. He'll be telling people all about the latest Muppet news and entertainment. Steve's on Wednesdays and he can be followed on Twitter @muppetcast.

Castaway Midday - hosted by Krystal (of Backstage) and myself. We'll be sweeping you away to a tropical paradise while you work with island music, cruise news and tropical fun. We'll be on Thursdays and can be followed on Twitter @Castaway_Midday.

Tiki Room Midday Show - hosted by Aljon and myself. Unlike our morning show we'll be talking Disney and pop culture while playing your favorite Disney tunes. We'll be on Fridays and can be followed on our original Twitter @tikitikiroom.

So check out these new original shows only on Sorcerer Radio.

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