08 February 2010

McDonald's Out of Downtown Disney Pollo Camparo In

As of April 30, 2010 McDonald's will no longer be located in the Marketplace at Downtown Disney. The Disney/McDonald's exclusive sponsorship agreement was terminated in 2004 and this is part of that fall-out. 

The restaurant is being replaced by Pollo Campero, a Latin chicken chain from Guatemala. Their food is prepared fresh every day, including the salsa and features items with a blend of Latin herbs and spices.
For those of you interested in their menu, check this out:

Personal Meals 2 Piece $4.99 3 Piece $6.59 4 Piece $7.59
Family Meals 8 Piece $17.99 12 Piece $23.99 16 Piece $28.99 20 Piece $21.99

Personal Meals  
1/4 Chicken $5.19  
White meat $1.00 
1/2 Chicken $7.59

Family Meals
Whole Chicken Meal $17.99

3-Strips 1 dipping sauce, 1 side order & choice of breads (tortilla, roll, biscuit) $4.99
10-Strips $11.99

Campero Rice  
Campero Beans  
Black Beans & Rice  
Sweet Plantains  
Yuca Fries  
French Fries  
Caesar Salad  
Mashed Potatoes
SINGLE Price: $2.09 FAMILY Price: $4.09

Strip Meal 2 chicken strips, 1 dipping sauce, 1 side order, small soda or milk and prize $3.69 
Drumstick Meal 1 drumstick, 1 side order, small soda or milk and prize $3.69

Chicken Bowl Juicy slices of our Traditional fried strips or grilled chicken filet layered over our Campero Rice & Spicy Beans. Topped with chopped onions, cilantro and fresh salsa. $4.99 
Grande Rice, Bean & Cheese Burrito $4.99 
Grande Chicken Burrito Pulled Chunks of our Traditional Fried or Grilled Chicken with Campero Rice, Spicy Beans & Cheese $5.49 
Caesar With Grilled Chicken $5.49 
Campero Salad Juicy traditional fried strips or grilled chicken filet, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red onions shaved carrots, shredded cheese with your choice of dressings (ranch, honey mustard, vinaigrette) $5.49

Caramel Flan $1.69 
Rice Pudding $1.69 
Apple Pie $1.89

REGULAR Price: $1.99 LARGE Price: $2.29 Horchata, Maranon, and Tamarindo
*Menu prices are for the location in Baltimore/Washington DC area
*Photos from Pollo Camparo

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