19 February 2010

Grappa, an Italian Spirit

Grappa is a clear spirit distilled made from the remains of the grapes after pressing. The Italian word grappa means "grape stalk". To be called grappa it must be made in Italy, made of pomace (grape remains) and have no water added. There is a huge difference in quality which is why there is a difference in prices. Grappa's prices range from cheap to expensive depending on how the are made. Those that are more expensive are made in traditional distilleries and have greater sophistication.

Yound grappa should be drunk slightly chilled at 46-50 F (8-10 C) and aged varieties at 61-84 F (16-18 C). Whether grappa is aged or not it should always be clear, cloudiness is a sign of poor quality.

*Photo by Carsten Tolkmit

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