20 February 2010

Character Signature Souvenier Idea

Are you looking for a creative way other than an autograph book to collect character signatures? One fun idea is to get cardstock from the scrapbooking section of your local craft store and fun bright colored Sharpies. You can have each character sign on the color that resembles them and either put them into a scrapbook with the photo of the character or you put them into a photo album next to the photo. It's a fun and unique way to get autographs and it's a fun craft for kids to do once they get home from their trip.

I love these bright colored ones and they can be found at Joann on sale for $5.99 regularly $9.99.

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1 comment:

  1. This is a super idea! I'm always looking for things like this. I saves time in the park (and a heated discussion about color, size, and budget) if you arrive with your own booklet like this.


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