25 January 2010

Victoria & Albert's News

Victoria and Alberts located at Disney's Grand Floridian is Disney's only AAA 5 Diamond Award winner. It serves exceptional American cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. It's the only restaurant that doesn't allow children 10 and under. It does require men to wear a dinner jacket and ladies to wear a dress or pants. Since this is an adult experience do plan to spend at least 2 - 3 hours dining.

On to the news. They have added the Queen Victoria's Room which contains only four tables and French gueridon service, with partically prepared food and a trolley cart goes from table to table to finish them off. The cost is steep but should be well worth it if you are a foodie. It's $200 per person and then an addition $95 for wine pairings. To reserve, call Disney at (407)939-3862.

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