12 January 2010

Should Children Under Eight Be Dining In Restaurants?

I just read a recent post on Bon Appetit's website. It was a letter from a reader stating that they thought that children under the age of eight years old shouldn't be dining out except for diners, fast food and Chuck E. Cheese. Personally I think as long as your child is well behaved there isn't a problem. I don't care what age you are but if you are being so obnoxious that others are having a horrible dining experience you shouldn't be dining out. I don't care if you are 5 or 50. You should always be kind and courteous to others even when dining out.

Here is the article: Do Kids Under Eight Years Old Belong In Restaurants?

I'm curious.. what are your thoughts? Do you think children under eight belong in restaurants? Please post a comment and tell me what you think!

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  1. Here's my two cents:

    When my brother and I were young, my parents brought us to restaurants often. Now, where we live, there aren't many FANCY restaurants, but they would take us to places like Red Lobster, The Keg, Casey's (not sure if you have all these types of restaurants where you are, but they are all family friendly but still better than, say, McDonalds). Because we went from a young age, my parents showed us how they expected us to act. AND, if we did act up (rarely, but still), we didn't go out for quite a long time. In WDW, when we were young, my parents definitely did no refrain from taking us to nice on and off property restaurants. They would get us dressed up and we all had fun together, as a family.

    I plan on doing the same with my future children. I love going out and I plan to instill this love in my children. They will be told, and shown, how to act in restaurants from a young age. I don't think anyone should refrain from taking their kids out to nice restaurants just because they are "young". Young kids can be shown the right ways, and life experiences are so important.

  2. I say that going out to a restaurant is good practice for children. Both of mine have been going since they were infants and both know how to act properly. If one of them acts up, a trip to the bathroom to cool down is made. Now, I wouldn't take them to an overly fancy restaurant where they wouldn't have the food they liked at such a young age, or where a slight breakdown on the way to the bathroom would ruin other diners experiences. Still, I say the more practice with manners they get, the better.


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