21 January 2010

Captain EO, Mr. Lincoln and World of Color... Oh My!

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln 

At the end of 2009 President Abraham Lincoln returned to the Main Street Opera House in Disneyland with stunning new Audio-Animatronics technology. Guests are able to experience Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln with a new Lincoln figure and an improved presentation that combines the park’s original 1965 show with today's most advanced technical advancements.

Captain EO Returns

Captain EO will return for a limited engagement at Disneyland park. Beginning in February 2010 the attraction will return to Tomorrowland where it had closed 13 years earlier. This return will give some people a nostalgic look back and others the opportunity to experience the original 3D production for the very first time. Again, this is just going on for a limited time so those of you who are die-hard fans of the "King of Pop" will not want to miss this.

World of Color Debuts

World of Color, a spectacular new nighttime water show will debut in Spring 2010 at Disney’s California Adventure park. Surpassing all Disney water productions, “World of Color” will bring Disney animation to life with powerful fountains that become stars of the show as they create the world’s largest projected water screen. The show will feature Disney characters like the Cheshire Cat, Scar, Pocahontas and more. I was lucky enough to get to see the concept art over at Blue Sky Cellar which looked incredible. I can't wait to see this debut!

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