02 December 2009

Review: 'Ohana

'Ohana has been a must for us for the past few years. We typically get a late reservation right before the start of Wishes. This time we opted for something a little earlier and went with a 7:15 pm reservation. This was mainly due to the fact that we had a very early breakfast. There is almost always a wait once you check in but tonight was different. We were immediately seated at a table that was along the walkway. Once shown to our seat we noticed 2 tables located by the window that also sat 2 people and we asked if we could have one of them. We were politely told no that some else would be seated at those. We were disappointed and wouldn’t have thought much of it if we hadn’t had it noted in our advanced dining reservation that we were celebrating our 5th anniversary and if the tables hadn’t sat empty for the next 20 minutes.

Since everything at 'Ohana is served family style and is a preset menu you don’t need to worry about ordering anything but drinks. Our server’s assistant greeted us and then brought us 2 iced teas and bread. Once we had our teas Joe, our server showed up the mixed greens salad with honey-lime dressing. Shortly after he started bringing the good stuff - Pork Dumplings with sweet and sour sauce and Coriander BBQ Chicken Wings. Both which are always good and there is never any left at the end of the meal. Next we were served the skewered meat - Mesquite Grilled Turkey, Asian BBQ Pork Loin, Marinated Sirloin Steak and Spicy Grilled Peel n Eat Shrimp. They were accompanied with Teriyaki Lo mein Noodles and Stir-fried Vegetables. He also brought 3 sauces - sweet and sour, chimichurri and my favorite, peanut. The steak was a little dry but the pork loin and turkey were great. They were cooked nicely, very juicy.

Now at this point it is time for the children to participate in the Hawaiian activities. They learn to hula dance and get to take part in a coconut race. Let me remind you that we are sitting along this walkway where the kids will be. So what happens while we are trying to enjoy our meal…. people decide to stand around our table. No.. they are at our table. They are leaned over me, my husband and my food. I politely asked them if they would mind not stand and leaning on us and we are trying to enjoy our dinner. Unfortunately for us they said no… there kids were there and they had to get pictures. At this point I’m a little more than unhappy. Joe stops by the table and asks how everything is. We inform him that we aren’t happy with these people who are literally on top of us getting pictures. He apologizes but says there is nothing he can do. Now we feel we need a drink and decide to order a couple of Mai-Tais.

We have now finished our meal and it’s time for dessert. He brings us the standard bread pudding which is served a la mode with caramel sauce. It’s good as always. Since we were celebrating our anniversary he brought out a cupcake with a candle on it. We asked for a small to go container so that we could take it back to the room so we could enjoy it the following day. Which is exactly what we did. As we were getting ready to leave they were starting the second round of kid’s activities. I happened to notice a table with 4 adults and 4 children. All but one little girl, who was in a wheelchair still at the table got up to dance. Since we had received leis earlier I decided since no one had given her one to give her mine. I asked her mom if she was okay with me offering her my lei, which she was and seemed surprised that I had offered.

This is the first time that we had been to 'Ohana since getting rid of the fried wontons and the potatoes that they used to have. I have to admit I really miss those two items. The potatoes were so much better than the noodles, which I tasted and wasn’t too impressed with the lack of flavor. The food was good but not as good as in the past. The menu change wasn’t for the better. Overall this was the worst experience at 'Ohana and made us decide to not come back anytime soon. Next time I’ll have to insist that we’ll wait to be seated at a window and not along the aisle. And as for those of you reading this thinking…. It’s 'Ohana it’s a kid-friendly restaurant you should have expected this. Kid-friendly or not there is no reason for anyone to lean on me, over me and against my table to take pictures. I don’t care if this was Chuck E. Cheese. It’s unacceptable behavior, especially when you’ve been asked to not do it.

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  1. I fully agree with you! That would absolutely ruin my time. I have a hard time with waitresses visiting while I eat let alone people all around our table disrupting our meal time! Thank you so much for this post! It will be our first visit to WDW and we will be sure to wait for a window table!


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