31 December 2009

New Years Day Superstitions and Resolutions

January 1, 2010 brings about superstitions on what to do to bring good luck in the new year and resolutions. Some people eat lentils and black eye peas, others eat pork and sauerkraut. Some people wear red on New Years Day and others just wear something new. Another superstition is that a baby born on New Years Day will be luck for the rest of it's life.

Many people make resolutions. Some of the most popular resolutions are losing weight, eat better, dieting, exercise, save money, spend more time with family and friends, get a new job, get a better education, quit smoking or other bad habit, volunteer/help others, go green and reduce stress.

So what are your New Year's traditions? Are you making a New Year's resolution? If so, what is it... one of the most popular resolutions?

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