13 December 2009

Holidays Around The World at Epcot - Germay

EPCOT has Christmas' from around the world. One of them that we really enjoyed listen to was Germany. Helga, a native of Germany told us about the first Christmas tree (tannenbaum) and the Nutcracker (nussknacker). Christmas is a very special time in Germany and much of the way that Americans celebrate Christmas is due to the Germans. Helga told us how Martin Luther was the first to cut down a Christmas tree and how it is decorated with lights, candies, nuts and gingerbread men. It is secretly decorated on Christmas Eve and then the wrapped gifts are placed under it from Christkindl (Christ child).

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  1. I love hearing how other countries celebrate Christmas. I must get to WDW at Christmas time one year!

    Calvin is of Dutch descendance so we celebrate "St.Nicholas" on December 6th. Black Peter, St. Nicholas' helper and friend, visits Dutch homes on the eve of December 6th leaving a gift for each child and throwing handfuls of candy through the front door! It's such a fun tradition! We end up finding candy and wrapped chocolates until it's time to put the tree away around New Year's Day!



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