21 November 2009

Review: Narcoossee's

Since it was our 5th anniversary we wanted to celebrate somewhere nice and romantic. We couldn’t afford the critically acclaimed Victoria and Albert’s so we decided on Narcoossee’s. Located at the Grand Floridian Resort, this hexagon-shaped restaurant sits on the Seven Seas Lagoon right off of the pier and has a great view of the Magic Kingdom. It is more formal that most Walt Disney World restaurants with its walls of windows, hardwood floors and high ceilings. We had made our ADR for 8:30 so that we’d be able to see Wishes! and Electric Water Pageant. We arrived about 15 minutes early to check in and waited for table outside on the deck that surround the restaurant.

Once seated at a table next to one of the picturesque windows we were greeted by Zahira, our server for the evening. She presented us with two personalized menus and complimentary Champaign toasts. To continue in our celebration we decided on a bottle of wine (39), Chablis I believe it was. Deciding on two appetizers was difficult. Several of them sounded wonderful. After deliberating over the Crab Cakes, Seafood Bisque and the Prince Edward Island Mussels I decided on the Prince Edward Island Mussels (16). They were cooked in a coconut Thai curry broth with ginger and cilantro and served with garlic sourdough toast. This was absolutely wonderful! I could have ordered another bowl. The broth had just a bit of spice and a hint of the ginger. I soaked up all of the broth with toast, it was too good not to. My husband ordered the Comic Pear and Endive Salad (14), greens with candied walnuts and Maytag blue cheese tossed in walnut-sherry vinaigrette which was an easy decision for him. It was very light and refreshing and had just enough pears.

As our dinner arrived it was time for Wishes. Both of us had a few bites before heading outside onto the deck that surrounded the building. We had a perfect view from our table but due to others standing in front of the window they couldn’t be viewed from inside the restaurant. Once the fireworks were over we headed back inside to eat our Surf and Turf (58), butter-poached lobster tail and twin medallions of filet mignon topped with Choron sauce and served with potato gratin, broccoli rabe and clarified butter. This was delicious! The filet was cooked to perfection and the sauce was creamy and added a nice flavor to the filet. The lobster was good but a little overcooked. The ends had a little bit of chewiness to them.
After Wishes there were new guests sitting next to us, a family of 4 with a son (11) and daughter (9). They were friendly and we spent the entire last half hour talking to them. These two kids were polite, well-mannered and really intelligent. The boy told us about all of these activities that he’s involved in and told us all about his trip. This family was truly an absolute a pleasure to be seated next to.
Many of the desserts sounded wonderful but we decided on the Almond-Crusted Cheesecake (8), served with a Lambert cherry sauce - “Year of A Million Dreams Inspired“ and the Artisan Cheeses (12), Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Midnight Moon and Fourme D’Ambert served with walnut toast and topped with varies accompaniments and 2 French-pressed coffees (5.95). These were evenly shared between the two of us. The cheese plate was arranged with the least bold at the top with the fullest flavor at the bottom. All the cheeses were delicious and my husband said the Fourme D’Ambert was one of the best blue cheeses that he’s had. As for the cheesecake, I wish I had ordered another one to eat later. This was by far the best cheesecake I have ever had anywhere. It was light, creamy and had the perfect amount of almond flavor to it. The almonds on the outside and the tad bit of cherry sauce were a nice touch. This was my favorite dessert of the entire trip. I can’t describe how sinfully delicious this was.

This by no means was an inexpensive meal, our check came to $231 not including tip. However we were on the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan ($69 per person per night) so the only thing that we didn’t have covered was the wine and tip. So not including the 2 snacks for the day and other table service we ended up spending $51.46 less than we paid for the plan that day. If you are on the DxDDP this is well worth the two credits.
This was one of the best Disney restaurant experiences that I have had. I highly recommend trying it. It’s beautifully elegant and has a great menu. Even though the restaurant focuses on seafood there are several choices for those who prefer something other than seafood. There is even a dish for vegetarians. Narcoossee’s is a great place to celebrate a special occasion, have a romantic night out or even just to treat yourself to something nice. I know we will definitely be back if not to celebrate another anniversary then just to have an enjoyable night out.

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