25 October 2009

Review: Liberty Tree Tavern

When we decided to eat at the Liberty Tree Tavern we knew it would be the last chance that we would have to experience this restaurant as a character meal. As of January 5, 2009 Disney was no longer having characters at this restaurant so we decided we had to give it a try. Goofy’s Liberate Your Appetite was a little different this particular evening due to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party . So instead of Goofy and his friends being in their revolutionary attire they were in Halloween costumes.

As we entered the restaurant there was a very large waiting area with lots of people waiting to be seating. We were anticipating a long wait due to this. However we only waited about 10 minutes before we were seated at a table located near a window.

The menu was nothing spectacular but we were there for the character interaction. Our server Joe brought us our drinks and the Declaration Salad, mixed greens with a strawberry vinaigrette which was a little bland. The dressing had very little flavor which was a little disappointing since I love fruit dressings. Shortly after Joe arrived with a plate that had roasted turkey, pork and carved beef with bowls of Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese, stuffing and veggies. We were served very large portions of food, family-style and were made aware that we could have more of anything. We definitely didn’t need more it was more than enough. The food left a little to be desired. It was no different that what you can get out of a box or the freezer section at the grocery store. The mac and cheese was boring with little cheese flavor. Kraft is much better! The meats were all really dry and the gravy tasted like it was from a can. The best part was the stuffing but for some reason I’m a fan of the boxed stuffing... just not for the holidays. For dessert we were served a warm cobbler with vanilla ice cream which was good. It was nice and hot and not overly sweet. Before the check arrived I asked the server if it was possible to purchase the mugs that our drinks were served in. They were fun and I figured they probably wouldn’t be around much longer since the characters weren’t. He was kind of enough to tell us that if we went to the Christmas gift shop next door they would wrap it up and have it shipped back to our resort for us. We did just that since we didn’t want to carry it all around MNSSHP.

All in all I’d say the best part was the character interaction which we got a lot of even though we were just two adults. Maybe it was that we were dressed as Captain Jack and Elizabeth Swann or maybe they were always so interactive. However now that the characters are gone I won’t be returning since I can make the same food at home but better. If they bring back the characters I’d be happy to return but that’s the only way.


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