06 July 2009

Food & Beverage Dietary Request Information

On behalf of the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Food & Beverage Team, we are committed to making your stay as magical as possible as we strive to offer a wide range of food products for all of our Guests. 
In our table service restaurants, we have a staff of trained chefs who will strive to meet your requests by adapting current menu items or developing items to fit your needs.  In our quick service areas, we provide a wide range of items that likely will accommodate most dietary requests.  Nevertheless, due to the cultural authenticity and cooking techniques of our Food & Beverage locations it is sometimes difficult to alter menus in certain locations.
Although we can take care to accommodate specific requests during the cooking and preparation process, due to the large number and ever changing variety of culturally authentic ingredients and suppliers used in many of our restaurants, we are unable to ensure that all prepackaged or prepared ingredients do not contain particular items of concern. Therefore, we ask that if you or someone in your party has a food allergy or other condition which might result in a severe reaction to a particular food ingredient or food additive, please use extreme caution in meal planning and contact us for assistance and dining suggestions.  As always, although we strive to provide as much information to you as possible, the decision of whether to consume any particular product is up to you based on your evaluation of the particular circumstances.
Listed below is some helpful information when planning your time with us.  Attached are some product specifications that may assist you as well.  Please feel free to contact any of the below listed email addresses should you require any additional information.
We look forward to you having a safe and magical visit with us.
Table Service Restaurants
When making a reservation, please notify the reservation agent of any dietary requests so that it may be noted.  Upon arrival to the restaurant, please ask to speak to the chef, manager, or the person in charge on duty to discuss your dietary requests.  Special items are available with advance notice, and arrangements may be made by calling the phone number that was provided when making your reservation.  Please allow for additional dining time for any special requests to ensure that your requests are met safely.

Call 407-WDW-Dine or 407-939-3463 to make your reservations.

Quick Service Restaurants (Counter Service)
Please ask to speak to a manager upon arrival and they will be happy to assist you. Locations are able to adapt their menu items slightly, but please allow additional time for any special requests made without advance notice.
The locations listed below have menu items or products that may meet most dietary requests.
Restaurantosaurus (located in DinoLand U.S.A.) Flame Tree Barbecue (located between Asia and DinoLand U.S.A.) Harambe Fruit Market
Disney’s Hollywood Studios™
The locations listed below have menu items or products that may meet most dietary requests.
Rosie’s All American Café at Sunset Ranch Market Backlot Express Studio Catering Company ABC Commissary Toy Story Pizza Planet
The locations listed below have menu items or products that may meet most dietary requests.
Liberty Inn (located at The American Adventure in World Showcase) Sunshine Seasons (located in the Land Pavilion)
The locations listed below have menu items or products that may meet most dietary requests.
Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café (located in Tomorrowland) Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café (located in Frontierland) Main Street Bakery Toontown Farmer’s Market and Liberty Square Market Pinocchio’s Village House (Fantasy Land)
DISNEY CRUISE LINE® can accommodate a variety of special dietary requests, including gluten, diabetic, vegetarian, low-fat, low-sodium and Kosher meals. Please submit any special dietary requests in writing to our Special Reservations Department at least four (4) weeks prior to your sail date. Once onboard, any dietary requests should be directed to your Head Server.
Please visit our web site at www.disneycruise.com or phone Disney Cruise Vacations at 1-800-951-3532.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can nutritional information be provided for menu items?
Unfortunately we do not have, and therefore we cannot provide you with accurate or reliable nutritional information, and we would not want you or any other Guest to rely on what could only be our "best guess." We can however, attempt to work within your dietary requests and suggest some menu alternatives and solutions that may satisfy your needs. We strive to provide all our Guests a magical experience by offering a wide array of dining locations, experiences and menu options, and we trust that among all those selections you will find menu items that meet your needs.
Are organic products available?
Organic products that meet the USDA’s organic food requirement are in very limited supply. We are always trying to improve upon our existing product line of traditional and/or organic food offerings. Our food procurement standards include a vendor approval process that is designed to consistently achieve high quality products. Introducing a new food product or vendor requires multiple approval steps, regardless of the claims attached to individual foods. We will forward your suggestion to our special dietary needs manager and our procurement department for further consideration. In the meantime we’re optimistic you will find our existing product lines acceptable, and we would be happy to review additional existing options with you.
Can products from home be prepared by Disney chefs?
No. State Law prohibits our Culinary Cast Members from preparing, cooking, or reheating any foods brought in by our Guests, so we will not be able to heat or reheat any food item that is not prepared by us.
Can food be brought into WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort and Theme Parks?
Guests are allowed to bring food items, such as snacks or foods that do not require heating, into any WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort. If you have items that need to be refrigerated, please ask the front desk Cast Member to have a refrigerator placed in your room. Please check with the front desk to see if there is a charge for use of the refrigerator.
Guests are allowed to bring food items, such as snacks or foods that do not require heating, into any WALT DISNEY WORLD® Theme Park. Just inform a Security Cast Member checking the bags that you have food allergies and they will gladly allow you to bring in these items.

Revised 2-15-2010

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